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Work & Play the Barnie's way

We are always looking for parents who would like to get involved:

Read on to find out how you can:

  • Become a Coach
  • Volunteer within your child's Team
  • Volunteer around the Club
  • Become a Sponsor

We'd love to hear from you ... See our contact details below or pop into the canteen for a chat about how you can help.

Would you like to be involved in Coaching?

We are always looking for parents who would like to coach. We welcome any new coaches stepping in, assisted by our Technical Director, our more veteran coaches and the Coaching Sub-Committee.

Barnies is committed to helping all our kids reach their potential as footballers. We also recognise that the skills and energy of the team coaches are critical to achieving this goal. To this end, we always welcome expressions of interest to help coach the kids.

In fact, what we are doing and aiming for, albeit humbly, is an honest, committed and school based Formative Football practice with short, mid and long term impact. This is achieved thanks to the Club's wealth of receptive and generous coaches and their influence on the teams.

Below is some information to help you decide if you can help us with coaching.

- we'd love to have you as part of the team -

What's Involved?
3 Hours a week Training
1-2 Hours on a Sunday Game Day b/w March & September

Head Coach or Assistant?
The Primary Coach needs to be able to attend both the training
sessions and the games otherwise they cannot see how their
training is being implemented, carry feedback and issues from
games back to training. Assistant coaches are \a great idea
to spread the workload and provide extra options for training.

Training and Support Provided? Our goal is that we help develop our coaches in achieving formal FFV Junior Licences. This benefits the Club, the kids and is a just reward for those volunteers willing to go that little bit extra.. Barnies will subsidise the cost of coaching qualifications, subject to approval by the Committee. We also have a fully developed step-by-step coaching plan and curriculum that can be followed for training nights.

Register Your Interest: See our contact details below

Volunteer within your child's Team & around the Club

BUJFC is a community club underpinned by a supportive team of volunteer parents to keep the club running smoothly for your Children. With this philosophy we are able to keep fees low and funds go back into the running of the club for the children and to invest in training of our volunteers to support them in their roles.

Volunteers are the glue that keep our football club together. Without them our club just wouldn't function.

Some Roles that we need help with

Team Manager
Match Day
The heart beat of every team - team liaison and chief organiser! It always sounds like a daunting task but with our assistance, it really is quite easy. Match Day Learn more about the game and help out at the same time ... marshaling, lines person, pitch setup or maybe even a MiniRoos referee, First Aide ... it all helps Canteen A quick couple of hours helping sell coffees and sausages in bread! All our kids love a cold drink and the parents a coffee ... can you help?
Line Marking
Feel like you have something to add to the Club .... want to guide it forward into the future? The Committee could be your calling and we'd love to hear from you .. What better way to get in your daily step count up, become a line marker. Work on a weekly roster, can be done weekdays or Saturday Afternoon. □ Kit Manager/Assistant □ First Aid Coordinator
□ Team Manager Coordinator
□ Season Set up & Pack up
□ Marketing
□ Administration (from home)

How Much time do I need to commit? Volunteering with us is not a lifetime commitment most parents only get involved for the duration of their kids' participation, and that's fine. Some kick on with us even after their kids have left, and some drift in and out over the years. We're happy for you to be as involved as you want to be. Our rule of thumb - approx 8 hours per season per family and we will all be kicking goals !

Register Your Interest: See our contact details below or pop into the canteen for a chat about how to help.

We would love to have you Sponsor the Club

If you are interested in supporting the Club, we have opportunities that can be tailored to your requirements.

Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors receive absolute recognition and integration with our members.
We provide opportunity for prominent signage at the grounds and logo placement on apparel.
We like our sponsors to be fully engaged with the club so our members get to know our sponsors and their service offerings to help facilitate business opportunities.

If you would like to become a sponsor please contact us to discuss a sponsorship package -

Become a Bronze level sponsor:
With the explosion of the Smartphone mobile advertising is becoming an extremely powerful channel for brands to find potential customers.

Through the BUJFC Team App we are offering a unique sponsorship opportunity for your company to advertise on our website & App. It's cost effective advertising for businesses big & small.

Contact us to discuss the design of an Ad-Banner for your business -

We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to contribute to the success of our Club.

For more information on how to be involved, support the community and help the kids, please contact us

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